Free 411 Directory Assistance Calls 1-800-FREE411 and 1-800-GOOG411

by demtron on Sunday, November 09, 2008 08:31 AM

I’ve heard about free 411 calls for number of years, but I’ve also heard about all the scams and hidden fees surrounding these services.  Recently, after discussing this with a friend, I wanted to see if these were really valid services.

There are two services I found that I think are worthy to use, especially for small businesses.  One is 1-800-FREE411 and the other is 1-800-GOOG411.

How do they work?  They’re pretty simple with no hassles.  With 1-800-FREE411, you listen to a 10-15 second message from an advertiser (who’s paying for the cost of your 411 call).  Make your selection at the prompt if you want to use the offer or continue on to request your phone number information.  You can get both a phone number and, if you’re calling from a mobile phone, driving directions sent to you via text message.

GOOG411 is completely free with no advertisements.  However, a caller can only receive business phone numbers.  GOOG411 can also send text driving directions along with a map to the business location.

One important point for mobile phone users – you’ll still be charged normal airtime and SMS rates from your mobile phone carrier for placing a call to and receiving text and maps from these services.

These services are a “must” for your speed-dial list.  Skip the $1 to $2 directory assistance fees!

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